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Last updated: February 11, 2009

  1. Is Parents' Wish available on CD/DVD?  
    Not at the moment as we are having problems obtaining the necessary copyright permission for the background music. If you wish to be notified by email when the CD/DVD becomes available, please send an email to: cdcopy@parentswish.com.  We do not have costing information yet.  The video and audio quality on the CD/DVD will be highly superior than the online presentation because we do not have to worry about bandwidth consumption and server bottlenecks.

  2. I tried viewing the slideshow but it stops playing in the middle of the presentation or the movie doesn't play at all or it gets stucked downloading.  
    This usually means that
    the cache memory in your browser is corrupted. Try deleting your temporary internet files. If you are using Internet Explorer 6, click on TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES and click on DELETE FILES. Make sure to check the box DELETE OFFLINE CONTENT.  If you are using Internet Explorer 7, click on TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, GENERAL, BROWSING HISTORY, DELETE, TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES- DELETE FILES. Close your browser, open it again and try playing the slideshow again.

  3. The movie plays but I don't hear the background music. 
    Make sure that the Volume Control is not muted. If you are using Windows, click on START, ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, E
    NTERTAINMENT, VOLUME CONTROL and make sure the MUTE boxes are not checked.

  4. Can you email me a copy of the slideshow so I can play it from my local hard drive? 
    Unfortunately, this is not possible as this will be in violation of the copyright terms of the background music that we used for the slideshow. Please wait for the CD to become available instead.

  5. I clicked on the other menu links of the movie (eg, About Parent's Wish, View Feedback, etc) but it did not open up those links.  
    In some browser, you need to DOUBLE click on those links before they open.

  6. The movie does not play automatically.  
    We have changed the movie file. The movie should now play automatically.

  7. When I tried to access the website, it tells me that I do not have the necessary plugin. 
    Please click on this link to download the Shockwave plugin.

  8. Please tell me that this isn't a film to defend the 'right to die' movement and euthanasia. I got that feeling during the part of the film that states:  'And when someday we say to you that we do not want to live any more.. that we want to die.. Do not get angry.. Some day you will understand.'
    That phrase is not a cry for assisted suicide. The parent is expressing what an average person (whether young or old) tends to say whenever they experience the hardships and difficulties of life. He is simply hoping that his 'natural death' comes sooner rather than later. I myself say that once in a while. My 8 year old son said that one time because of a sore throat. We hear it a lot from older people and the slideshow is just encouraging us to be more sympathetic with them. 
    Also, when he says at the end of the slideshow: 'Help us to end our way with love and dignity.', he is not asking his child to 'kill' him. He is asking the child to be with him in his few remaining years on earth so that he can live the rest of his life happily and in a more dignified way. We have changed this phrase on July 12, 2006 to instead read as follows: "Help us to live the rest of our life with love and dignity."

  9. When the parent says: 'If ever we do not want to eat, do not force us. We know well when we need to and when not to.', is he asking the child to help him end his life by starving him to death? 
    No. It meant that the parent doesn't feel like eating at that time and he will eat when he is hungry. If a person is trying not to eat so that he can end his life quickly, that is another issue but definitely not the message that this slideshow is trying to convey.
    We have changed this phrase slightly on July 12 2006 to read as follows: "If ever we do not feel like eating, do not force us. We know well when we need to and when not to eat.

  10. Can you send me the words of the slideshow?
    Click here to read the words of the Parents' Wish slideshow.  For the words of the Father's Wish, click here.  For the words of Mother's Wish, click here.

  11. Do you have the lyrics for the background music "You Raise Me up"?
    You can get the music of that song from this website:

  12. I absolutely loved this and wanted to send it to my two grown sons but I couldn't because it was from Mom and Dad. Is there a way it can be changed to just one parent, like me a single mother.
    For the single father version of the slideshow, click here. For the single mother version, click here.

  13. Why is it taking so long for you to produce the CD version of the slideshow?
    We apologize for the delay but there are copyrights issues that we must first clear before we can start the production.

  14. Do you have any other inspirational movies or presentation like the Parents' Wish?
    No, this is the only presentation that we have.  You can do a Google search for "inspirational presentations".

  15. Why are there more slides that show the Father rather than the Mother?
    As I mentioned in the ABOUT US section, this slideshow is an adaptation of a powerpoint presentation entitled "Tribute to Dad".  The photographs used for the slideshow were taken from that presentation. As the title implies, the original presentation was meant for a Father hence there are more photos showing the Father rather than the mother. If and when we get a chance and if we are able to gather enough materials, we will replace the photographs in the slideshow.

  16. How can I print each and every slides of the presentation?
    Click on the PAUSE button for each and every slides to pause the slide and click on the PRINT function of your browser. To resume playing the movie, click on PLAY.  In some browsers, you may have to double click on the PAUSE and PLAY button.

  17. I am using WebTV and I can not view the slideshow.
    We have received quite a few emails from people using WebTV having the same problem. Unfortunately, because we do not have WebTV we are unable to help you with this problem at this moment. 

  18. When I click on one of your links to play the slideshow, I merely get a blank page showing a marker for a graphic, and a small red 'X' in the top-left corner.
    If you see a warning saying 'To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computers. Click here for options...', right click on the message and choose to allow Active X control. If there is no warning, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and check 'Allow Active X control'.

  19. Can I e-mail or forward this link onto more than one person instead of putting e-mail addresses in one at a time?
    In most mail programs (like Outlook and Yahoo Mail), you can enter multiple addresses by separating the email address with a semi-colon (;).

  20. I could not help but feel if I send this to my family,  I'd be laying a 'guilt trip' on them.
    Here are a couple of feedbacks from our readers with regards to this comment: 'I don't want my kids to have a guilt trip but in today's fast paced world, I feel we all need a little reminder from time to time.'  Here's another: 'I can find absolutely no reason for anyone to say that this video could make them have a guilt trip unless they have something to feel guilty about. I certainly did not send this to my children to make them have a guilt trip but to remind them of the love I had and have for them and to help them understand our need to be understood. Not that they don't now, but we all need reminding.'

  21. I have a problem or a question that is not answered in this FAQ. 
    Please e-mail us your problems or questions at: webmaster@parentswish.com. If you are experiencing difficulties, please make sure to indicate the exact error message that you are getting. Please indicate also the speed of your internet connection (dial-up, DSL, cable, etc), your operating system (Windows XP, Mac, Windows 98, etc), your browser and its version (eg Internet Explorer Version 6, Netscape Navigator version 6, etc).